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Panda & Creed

mini bernedoodle puppies
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Born March 12 are 6 boys and 3 girls to Panda and Creed. These babies are F1 mini bernedoodle puppies.

Congratulations to the families that will be taking one of these babies home . These bernedoodle puppies have currently all been reserved.

NOTE! Hc Bernedoodles will no longer allow transfers from litter,reservation is specified for, to a future litter unless otherwise specified by Hc Bernedoodles. If customer chooses to opt out on specified litter, deposit will be forfeited.

#1 Sullivan Family - ABI

#2 Gruber Family - ANDIE 

#3 Schiff Family - APOLLO 

#4 Davis Family - ADRINA 

#5 Eilefson Family ALARIC 

#6  Cohen Family - ALADIN

#7 Kayser Family - ALEC

#8 O’Shea Family - AARON

#9 Spot held until Selction, Mini berndoodle puppy available after Selection appr. April 23 2018. 

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