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Tiny Bernedoodle Breeder & Puppies for Sale

Tiny or 'micro-mini Bernedoodle - These tiny bernedoodles are generally an F1B cross, being 75% toy poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog. The most typical breeding of a micro mini would consist of a miniature bernedoodle girl being bred to a small toy poodle boy. 


The micro mini bernedoodle is expected to mature at 10-25 pounds depending on the size of the sire and dam.


The micro mini is considered more of a non-shedding or very minimal shedding bernedoodle due to being an F1B cross and possessing more of the non-shedding poodle gene. These bernedoodles will have more of a curly coat appearance, losing some of the wavy Bernese mountain dog coat due to being 25% Bernese Mountain dog. This bernedoodle cross, like the other Bernedoodle crosses, comes in many different colors and producing many more colors than the F1 crosses due to breeding poodle color genes from both mommy and daddy. While producing more color variations they are still categorized similar to the other crosses, consisting of a tri-color micro mini, bi-color micro mini, and a solid color micro mini.


 The micro mini may differ slightly in temperament, as expected with the F1B cross. They may be more high-strung and energetic, similar to the toy poodle  


Tiny Bernedoodles Dogs for Sale

We currently have no Tiny Bernedoodles for sale. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when our Tiny Bernedoodles become available.