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Adoption Process

Bernedoodle Waitlist

At HC Bernedoodles we chose not to adopt the standard process of having a waitlist that is followed by the majority of Bernedoodle breeders. We decided that is was just not ethical for us to promise production of puppies that we promised in advance. We feel like it would put pressure on us and our dogs to produce and we feel by being pressured it could possibly lead to breeding for quantity vs. quality. There's also the concern for the customers, we understand that life has its twists and turns and a lot can change in a year or 2 that the customer may be on a waitlist. 

Bernedoodle Reservation Process

At HC Bernedoodles the process we have established that makes the most sense for us, and we believe is the most convenient, fair process for potential puppy homes, is to wait until litter is approximately 5-6 weeks old at which time Bernedoodle Litter is posted and each puppy is available to be individually reserved on a first come first serve basis. At time of posting, litters will only be posted for preview which will be stated in profile as ( for sale soon) and will be posted on website “ Puppies for sale by Litter” only. Once preview period ends after a few days they will be posted available ( unannounced day 10-11 am cst) . Everyone that has opted to be notified http://eepurl.com/hkchsX  will receive an email with a link attached at the bottom of the page, along with a password to enter in password section. Each puppy will have a deposit tab within profile which will direct into PayPal to complete NONREFUNDABLE deposit. Note! Reservations are not final until we have had a chance to visit with reserving party if not done so prior to reserving. If there was any conflict in interests HC Bernedoodles May opt to return deposit. Note! Returning customers are allowed to select a puppy prior to posting per HC Bernedoodles policy! If you see puppies marked (Sold) in preview period those puppies are reserved by a returning customer.

  NOTE! Our demand has become very high and unfortunately we can only properly breed a certain amount of puppies and demand has become much higher then supply, therefor we can not provide a puppy for everyone. When we post puppies available they reserve very quickly. It would be very much appreciated if we could avoid all of the negativity after puppies post from those that miss out on reserving a puppy, as we are doing the very best that we can, but there just aren’t nearly enough to go around. We can’t even express how grateful we are for all of the interests and we can assure that we would love nothing more then to be able to provide each and every interest with one of our Bernedoodle puppies, but unfortunately it is not possible at this time, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Bernedoodles interests will want to watch for new litters to post in preview and opt in to be notified via link provided in litter description once posted for preview.

Bernedoodle Take Home Process 

Puppies are generally ready leave for their forever homes by 8 weeks of age, but HC Bernedoodles reserves the right to hold them for an extended amount of time if we feel it is necessary to do so. We offer pickup at our home in Northern Missouri or we offer shipping via Air at customers expense (850 dollars), via nanny service ( pending it can be arranged and be an option). Pickup or shipping options are coordinated at 6 weeks old after families have selected their specific puppy of choice.

Included With Bernedoodle Puppy

At HC Bernedoodles your Bernedoodle puppy will come home up to date on all shots and wormers along with a record of all shots and wormers administered over the course of their young lives. At HC Bernedoodles we register each Bernedoodle puppy at designerbreedregistry.com and a puppy registration paper is included in puppy packet which also includes a certificate of health from our local veterinarian. Note! We do not microchip puppies prior to going home, due to a few families preferring not to have their puppy microchipped. Microchipping is a very easy, affordable process that customers veterinarian can easily do.